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All-tube guitar amp, three channels with independent gain, volume and tone controls, fx loop, boost on board and digital reverb with spillover.

Build by hand one by one in Italy, is available in the 100 or 50 Watt head version or combo and can be further customized by choosing all kind of custom tolex you desire



Suprema is the flagship guitar all tube head of Jad Freer Audio. Modern in construction, but classic in sound, it’s a british style EL34 based power amp on steroid, combined with a full independent three channels preamp that pay tribute to the classic and most sought-after sounds of rock history. A warm clean channel with a fast and strong attack, and a Crunch and Lead that recall the glorious hot rodded era from the 70s / 80s: full-bodied sounds with a lot of bite, extremely dynamic and never overly-compressed.

A totally transparent send and return, on board tuneable boost and digital reverb with spillover complete the amp’s equipment. Available in both 50w and 100w version.

Safety and durability are two aspects that Jad Freer Audio has always a great attention to: SUPREMA as all other our product has many internal protection systems that isolate any small problem letting you finish your performance flawlessly, shutting down the device only before any critical damage will happen, eliminating any risk for the connected equipment.

Unlike most amplifiers on the market, each power tube has a dedicated fuse with relative status led that lights up in case of failure allowing a fast identification of the problem’s source. The damaged tube gets immediately isolated letting the amp finish the performance. In case of 100w version the head will simply run at 50w, of course with a change in headroom and sound behaviour, but getting the job done. Each power tube has also its separate bias allowing a reduction in re-tube and maintenance costs.

  • three channels, Clean, Crunch, Lead with independent volume and gain controls
  • two equalization sections
  • bright switch for Clean channel, fat for Crunch and Lead
  • serial fx loop
  • digital spring reverb with spillover
  • boost on board with dedicated control
  • presence control for the power amp
  • channel change, bright, fat, loop, reverb, boost manageable with external footswitch
  • MIDI compatibility : Program Change, Control Change

Additional information

Weight14,5 kg
Dimensions55 × 26 × 27 cm

11 Kg, without box

Power Rating

50W, 100W

Power Tubes

1 EL34 duet, 1 EL34 quartet

Preamp Tubes

5 x 12AX7/ECC83S

Bag or Padded Cover

No, Yes

Power Supply