FRFR speaker developed to provide a faithful sound reproduction of modelling amplifiers and PA sound applications. Active model with two channels, with independent volume and separate master control.

Power handling 400 RMS analog Watts, class G technology.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy

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The great success of Paradigma and the growing demand for FRFR cabinet gave life to Power-it; a more affordable Jad Freer Audio cabinet with surprising qualities for both modelling amp and pa sound reproduction.

Made of high quality Baltic birch ply, it is capable to deliver 400 Watts of real RMS analog watts, thanks to an extremely careful study of both power supply and amplification stages, as in the Paradigma series.

Linear sound reproduction and optimal space propagation is guaranteed by the inclination of the baffle, a selected Ribbon Tweeter and a carefully designed DSP with 192kHz sampling rate, ensuring high resolution audio performances. The result is a clear, soft and faithful sound on all frequencies without any unwanted peaks and valleys, capable to recreate the feel of a stringed instrument through a tube amp.

The power stage consists in a proprietary transistor class G power module, fed by a custom switching power supply, capable to delivering an extremely fast, detailed, dynamic and musical response.

The cabinet is equipped with two channels with independent volume and the corresponding out link, to manage your listening necessities and stage connections.

As for the Paradigma, the switching power supply doesn’t generate magnetic fields in the audible bandwidth, unlike the traditional toroidal one, allowing to perform with no audible interferences with other devices or pickups, even single coil ones.

Safety and durability are two aspects that Jad Freer Audio has always a great attention to: Power-it as all other our product has many internal protection systems that isolate any small problem letting you finish your performance flawlessly, shutting down the device only before any critical damage will happen.

  • 2 XLR/jack stereo INPUT with LINK
  • 2 channels with independent VOLUME control
  • general MASTER control with clip indicator
  • heavy-duty and road-ready: selected baltic birch plywood construction with solid metal grill
  • Compact and lightweight: 14Kg - 30 lbs.)
  • 400 Watt RMS by transistor class G proprietary power section
  • selected Ribbon Tweeter for a soft treble response that recreate the feel of a stringed instrument through a tube amp
  • 220-240 VAC power supply, 100-110VAC available on request
  • optional cab stand optimal for PA use

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions48 × 33 × 33 cm
Power Supply


Power Rating


Power Amplifier

high-efficiency TRANSISTOR class G

Frequency Range

35 / 21000 Hz


10" woofer


1.5″ ribbon tweeter

Bag or Padded Cover

No, Yes