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Pedalboard patch bay with stereo capability and intelligent link between main input/output chain and send/return FX chain, allowing effortless adaptation to different amps and setups (2 or 4 cables setup).

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.

Patch bay for two distinct signal chains to easily manage IN, OUT, SEND and RETURN connections between your pedalboard and amp setup.

Thanks to the intelligent internal link between out and send/return fx chain, this device can instantly adapt to any amp and setup change, with or without fx loop, with no need of added cables or signal routing changes.

If nothing is connected in the send connection from the amp side, both effect chains will automatically run in series as a single one; just use the socket “to amp return” as signal output to connect into the amplifier.

The connections between inputs and outputs are full stereo, so, besides connecting stereo fx processors, you can also manage amp footswitches that use the same stereo jack connector directly in your pedalboard space.

  • IN, OUT, SEND, RETURN connections
  • internal intelligent link between main in/out and send/return fx chain
  • effortless adaptability to different amplifiers and setups with or without FX LOOP (2 or 4 cables setup)
  • stereo connections between all input and output ports to manage stereo fx processor or amp footswitches

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