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MIDI programmable switcher for the simultaneous management of 6 speakers and 10 heads, including FX Loops.

Completely transparent and noise-free system with adjustable anti-pop function. Fit 2U rack dimensions.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.


Available on backorder

Looperello is the first Jad Freer Audio product dedicated to recording studio environments; a compact 2U and extremely versatile switcher that allows the simultaneous remote and programmable management of 10 heads and 6 cabinets, including the FX loops of each amplifier.

Thanks to a proprietary switching power supply that doesn’t generate magnetic fields in the audible bandwidth Looperello guarantees the maximum transparency and noise free operation, minimising common problems when using multiple amplifiers under the same power line. No more ground loops, or any audible interference within the switcher and the heads you want to manage.

Worldwide use, can be powered from 63 up to 265 VAC.

Big and intuitive front panel and dedicated controls for programming all your amp, cab and fx loop preset; switchable and storable buffer for each preset and general mute function.

The rear panel hosts all the device connections: 12 MIDI ports to send specific commands to the amplifiers, 6 power outputs for the corresponding speakers and all Inputs, Outputs, Sends and Returns visually distinct by coloured bands for maximum ease of use.

MULTICAB function allows you to combine one amplifier at a time with up to 6 speakers simply by holding down the correspondent button of the chosen additional cabinet. Of course, LOOPERELLO can’t modify output or input impedance of heads and cabs, so pay attention in the combination you want to achieve, specially with the multicab option.

ANTIPOP SYSTEM: it consist in a short delay in the sound opening, storable within present from 0 to 255 millisec to allow complete silent switching between heads and cabs.


  • Weight 5kg / 11 lbs.
  • Dimension 2U, 48 x 22 x 8,8 cm / 18.9×8.66×3.46 inch.
  • Power supply: 63/265 VAC, worldwide use.

  • programmable midi switcher to manage 6 cabs, 10 heads and their FX LOOP
  • MAIN INPUT on the back pannel
  • MASTER FX LOOP shared among the connected amplifiers
  • 1 MIDI IN and 11 MIDI THRU
  • Multicab option allows to combine up to 6 cabs and use them at the same time
  • storable buffer for each preset
  • big intuitive display for programming and different functions
  • tuneable Anti Pop System, storable within reset for a complete silent switching between heads and cabs

Additional information

Weight8,5 kg
Dimensions48 × 22 × 8,8 cm

5 Kg, without box

Power Supply

60-270 VAC


10 amplifiers, 10 fx loop, 6 cabinets