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Audio-grade high-power switching power supply, stabilized, customizable in voltages and outputs from 2 up to 14 isolated groups.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.

For not listed custom request please Contact us


Domino is Jad Freer Audio latest series of high performance power supplies based on proprietary switching technology, capable to deliver a great amount of clean and constant power for the most demanding pedalboards and situations.

With its 1600mA  for each group the DOMINO is the most powerful multi PSU on today’s market, designed to manage in safety the increased offer of power-hungry and noise-sensitive digital pedal and devices around. Neural Quad Cortex, Line 6 Hx series, Strymon, Eventide, Moog, Zoom, etc. DOMINO can handle them all without overheating and in absolute silence.

You can choose from a lot of models that differs from number of outlets (from 2 up to 15 outputs) and their physical arrangement on one row (FLAT) or two (DUAL).

Each outlet is basically a power supply on its own, which is available in many voltage option. Given all these different choices, we can say that basically any Domino build by Jad Freer Audio is a custom order perfectly tailored to the customer’s specific needs.


Another great benefit of a well filtered and engineered switching power supply is that it doesn’t generate magnetic fields in the audible bandwidth, unlike the old toroidal PSU that suffer a lot of 50 / 60Hz hum. This allows to place the DOMINO anywhere you want with no audible interference with other devices or pickups, even allowing to use it as a ramp for a row of pedals in you pedalboard setup.

Safety and durability are two aspects that Jad Freer Audio has always a great attention to: Domino as all other our product has many internal short circuit protection systems that shut down the device before any damage will happen to the connected equipment. A status led for each group allows a fast identification of any problem in your pedalboard setup.




  • from 2 to 14 isolated groups
  • up to 1600mA @ 9VDC for each outlet
  • custom voltages: 9/12/15/18/24 VDC
  • proprietary switching technology with multi-stage filtering
  • no audible magnetic interference with other devices or pickups
  • shortcut protection for each outlet
  • status led for each group
  • internal temperature monitoring and management
  • automatic ventilation through thermostat
  • 1 meter long cables included
  • cables with 2,5mm red connector are also available

Additional information

Power Supply

60-270 VAC

Isolated DC outputs

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Custom Voltage

NO, 12VDC, 12+12VDC, 12+15VDC, 12+18VDC, 12+24VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC