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High performances transistor class G power amp, extremely lightweight and portable format: 700W @ 4Ohm / 350W @ 8Ohm / 950w @2Ohm in only 3,5 Kg. – 7.7 lbs.

2Ohm stable, balanced / unbalanced combo input, VOLUME, MASTER, transformer based D.I., 2 speakon combo power outputs.

A traditional amp’s sonic impact in an extremely portable format, a must-have for any gigging musicians.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy. Shipped with high-quality hand-made in Italy custom padded bag.

CODA, is a high-performance transistor class G power amp, engineered in an extremely lightweight and portable format: 700W @ 4Ohm / 350W @ 8Ohm / 950w @2Ohm in only 3,5 Kg – 7,7 lb.

2 Ohm stable, thought to be used with our CAPO, any of your favorite preamps, or even latest generation amp modellers such Neural DSP quad Cortex, CODA is based on full analog technology with headroom to spare. It is capable to deliver high power rating while maintaining an extremely fast, dynamic and musical response even on the bigger stages and demanding situations.

A must-have for any gigging musicians: a big traditional transistor amp’s sonic impact and punchy, detailed sound reproduction, maintaining a portability only prerogative, until now, of class D technology. All this thanks to the use of well-engineered custom components much superior in specs and performances to the off-the-shelf available ones.

The core of the machine is a heavily oversized proprietary switching power supply and a carefully-designed massive heat dissipation system. This power supply can deliver high amounts of current much faster than a traditional transformer-based one, and is the key to reduce significantly overall weight, dimensions and power consumption at rest, while the heat dissipation system manages to keep high temperatures under control. In aid of the proprietary heatsink it has been engineered an intelligent forced ventilations system, that, following the signal dynamics, allows the amp to work flawlessly in safety, never getting hot and performing dead silent at low volumes or studio applications.

Another great benefit of a well filtered and engineered switching power supply is that it doesn’t generate magnetic fields in the audible bandwidth, unlike the old toroidal PSU that suffer a lot of 50 / 60Hz hum. This allows CODA to perform with no audible interferences with other devices or pickups, even single coil ones.

A class A solid state linear preamp with dedicated volume allows to manage correctly very different signal levels in input to the power section without adding any unwanted color, being the source your favorite external preamp or even the natural sound of your instrument. A double speakon-combo power output, a transformer based studio grade D.I. complete the connection possibilities of the device, providing maximum flexibility and easy of use.

Safety and durability are two aspects that Jad Freer Audio has always a great attention to: CODA as all other our product has many internal protection systems that isolate any small problem letting you finish your performance flawlessly, shutting down the device only before any critical damage will happen, eliminating any risks for the connected equipment.


  • Dimensions: 25 × 28.5 × 6 cm – 9.8”x 11,2”x 2,3” inch
  • Weight: 3,5 Kg – 7,7 lb
  • Power rating: 350W @ 8Ohm / 700W @ 4Ohm / 950W @ 2Ohm
  • 2xSpeakon-combo speaker output
  • 230/115 VAC selectable power supply: WORLDWIDE USE
  • balanced / unbalanced input 200KOhm impedance
  • controls: VOLUME, MASTER and D.I. VOLUME
  • transformer based D.I. with gnd lift
  • TUNER OUT, MUTE footswitch (pedal optional)
  • Two status led for fails or overheats problems.
  • Hand-made in Italy custom Padded Bad Bag included
  • Rack mount system available as optional
  • high-performance transistor class G power amp, proprietary switching power supply, full analog technology
  • power rating 350W @ 8Ohm / 700W @ 4Ohm / 950W @ 2Ohm
  • balanced/unbalanced input (combo) 200KOhm impedance
  • VOLUME, MASTER and VOL D.I. controls
  • tranformer based D.I. with gnd lift
  • 2 Speakon-combo power outputs
  • intelligent forced ventilations system that follows the signal dynamics
  • status led for fails or overheats
  • 230-115 VAC selectable
  • Padded bag
  • Rack mount, optional

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions25,5 × 30 × 6,6 cm

3,5 Kg, without box

Power Supply

115/230 VAC selectable

Power Rating

350W @8ohm / 700W @4ohm / 1000W @2ohm

Power Amplifier

high-efficiency TRANSISTOR class G