Extraordinary bassist and JF artist TIM LEFEBVRE has been the very first CAPO preamp user, owning the serial #001.

As much as he was enthusiastic about the sounds and features, he wished for a different specific routing option: the ability to effortlessly switch two different sounds out of the DI’s, a clean route (loop) and a preamp route.

As simple as it seems this has proven not an easy task to accomplish but now we are ready to present this special edition of our best seller.

The first batch is SOLD OUT!

We will produce a second limited batch in the next few months, so follow us on our official channels.


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The CAPO Tim Lefebvre Edition is a powerful preamp and D.I. capable of studio-grade clean sounds, harmonic saturations and everything in between. It features three different preamps wired in parallel, two XLR balanced outputs and endless routing possibilities in a pedalboard-friendly format.

So what’s different?

“I needed the loop to get my pedals out clean to house and amp. I love how you can switch to the preamp side and not lose punch due to the sauce on said preamp.
It’s been a godsend live, and it’s just as cool as the regular CAPO to record with.”
Tim Lefebvre

At the expense of leaving the original Capo’s “B-side” preamp out of the TL edition, now the pedals patched in the LOOP PRE are activated by the LOOP footswitch and present at the LOOP OUT D.I., while the original “A-side” preamp (now labeled just PREAMP), and pedals patched in the POST LOOP, are present at the PREAMP OUT D.I.

The TIM switch changes the routing operation from “original” (loop pre goes into the preamp) to “tim mode” (loop pre alternates with the preamp).


The CAPO Tim Lefebvre edition will be available periodically in small batches while the original model will be always available to pre-order.



  • three parallel preamps packed in a pedalboard friendly format
  • from crystal cleans to high saturations and infinite shades of overdrive
  • PREAMP, consisting of a clean preamp and two high dynamics saturators ( J , F )
  • active 3-band EQ and DEEP and BITE buttons to further sculpt the sound
  • LOOP, a line selector that enables the signal in the LOOP pre alternate with the preamp signal (Tim mode) or to be placed in series, before (Original mode)
  • two D.I. outputs: LOOP OUT and PREAMP OUT
  • phase inversion on LOOP OUT to realign the phase of balanced signals
  • LPF to eliminate any unpleasant frequencies generated at high gain levels
  • fx loop PRE and fx loop POST to use pedals before and / or after the CAPO

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