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Guitar cabinet with double bass reflex system, build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.

Two individual resonance chambers, allow to mount two different speakers without phase issues.

Synthesis between classic sounds and modern audio performances. Ideal for use with baritone or detuned guitar.

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Box 2×12 BR is a guitar cabinet that represent the synthesis between classic sounds and modern audio performances for Jad Freer Audio. Ideal for use with baritone or detuned guitar but also with more traditional instruments, it is equipped with a double bass reflex system carefully tuned to provide improved roundness, low-end presence and sound projection, without overwhelming definition and presence within the band mix.

The resonance chambers of the two speakers are completely separate, allowing the use of different speaker combinations without any phase problems.

Feet, handles and reflex array allow the cabinet to be used both in vertical and horizontal position, without problems of stability or sound loss.

The removable grill cloth ensures ease of maintenance and precise results in miking and recording process.

  • double bass reflex system for extended low-end response and more roundness
  • usable in both vertical and horizontal position
  • separate resonance chambers, to allow combinations of different speakers
  • removable grill , for ease of maintenance, fast and precise miking process

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions73 × 34 × 44 cm

26 Kg, without box


2×12" Celestion V30


4 Ohm Mono / 8+8 Ohm Stereo, 4 Ohm Mono / 16 Ohm Mono


Mono, Mono/Stereo