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2×12” guitar cabinet with offset alignment, Celestion V30 speakers.

Slightly oversize volume for improved sound performance.
Available in OPEN (OP) or CLOSED back (CL) version.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.

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Our Box 2×12 OVER is a guitar speaker cab built to offer maximum flexibility and easy of use with zero sound compromise.

A slightly over-size volume, together with quality baltic birch ply and high precision build quality, allows the cabinet to reproduce enveloping, full-bodied and rich sounds, comparable to those of a classic 4×12.

The offset speakers alignment and the classic look are available in both OPEN or CLOSED-back version. In the OPEN back version the sound is free from any constraints and naturally spreads throughout the room, becoming a perfect match for vintage style amplifiers. The CLOSED version, on the other hand, is equipped with a tuning-pole that control the tightness in the low frequencies and the overall resonances and sound behaviour of the speaker, making this version preferable with more modern and aggressive style of amps.

The removable grill cloth ensures ease of maintenance and precise results in miking and recording process.

  • offset speaker alignment and classic look
  • available in OPEN or CLOSED back version
  • OPEN-BACK version, sound free from any constraints, perfect for vintage style amplifiers
  • CLOSED-BACK version, rear panel equipped with a tuning-pole, excellent with modern amp
  • removable grill, for ease of maintenance, fast and precise miking process

Additional information

Weight27 kg
Dimensions65 × 34 × 59 cm

21 Kg, without box


2×12" Celestion V30


4 Ohm Mono / 16 Ohm Mono


Closed-back, Open-back