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Open-back guitar cabinet with enveloping sound.

Lightweight and versatile, it’s a perfect match for vintage style single-channel amplifiers.

Build and hand-assembled one by one in Italy.

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1×12 open-back cabinet by Jad Freer Audio combines modern construction, reliability and sound projection with vintage-style sonic approach.

Hand-build one by one in Italy, it has been designed for maximum portability and ease of use while offering a great sound performance, ideal for any “on the road” musicians.

The removable grill cloth ensures ease of maintenance and precise results in miking and recording process.

  • combines a modern construction and reliability with vintage-style sonic approach
  • the oval opening is inspired by vintage speakers and has been engineered to highlight the typical enveloping sound of an open-back cab design
  • compact and lightweight, for maximum portability and ease of use
  • removable grill , for ease of maintenance, fast and precise miking process

Additional information

Weight21,5 kg
Dimensions48 × 30 × 42 cm

17 Kg, without box


1×12" Celestion V30


8 Ohm