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Small, light, with a full and punchy bottom end. We squeezed out all the goodness of our 12” in a single woofer cab.
Our custom ceramic speaker plus a compression driver deliver a great traditional tone with a nice push in the low mids and some high-mids bite.
Stack more or mix with other cabs of the Minerva series for ultimate versatilty.

14,5 Kg / 32 lbs – 250W (500W peak) – 8 Ohm – 122 dB (max SPL)

The 1×12” has probably been the most common bass cab configuration of the past few years. We improved our existing 112 cab with a new enclosure and recalculated the reflex port aiming for the most perfect balance of frequencies possibile.

The cab is small and light, weighting 14,5Kg it is easy to carry with one hand, the sound is full and detailed with a nice punch of low mids but without muddy subs. Our special 12” – 250W speaker, equipped with a ceramic magnet, is fat and pillowy but also fast and detailed, reminiscent of some revered old 15” cabs. An high quality compression tweeter completes the package adding bite and articulation in the high frequencies region, you can use the pot in the back panel to blend a little for adding detail or boost for a more aggressive sound.

The 112 Minerva can be placed vertically or horizontally, with rubber feet on both sides and can be perfectly stacked with a 212 Minerva or 210 Minerva, having the same footprint.

  • 1x12" custom ceramic woofers
  • high quality compression tweeter with L-pad
  • only 14,5 Kg / 32 lbs - 250W @ 8 Ohm - 122 dB (max SPL)
  • small, light, with a full and punchy bottom end
  • fat and pillowy but also fast and detailed
  • perfectly stackable with the other Minerva cabs

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions53 × 35 × 38 cm

14,5 Kg

Power Rating

250 W


8 Ohm

Sensitivity @1W,1m

98 dB

Max dB SPL

125 dB


12" custom ceramic woofer


1" compression driver