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Our lighter and most compact cab but still capable of 121dB SPL, ideal for the studio, smaller gigs and exceptional for double bass too.
Our custom ceramic speaker plus a concentric-mounted tweeter faithfully reproduces all the nuances with great articulation and detail.
Stack more or combine with a 210 and you can deal with any stage.

11Kg / 24.25 lbs – 150W (300W peak) – 16 Ohm – 121dB (max SPL)

The 110 Venere is our smallest cab but don’t let the tiny measures fool you: it’s a full range cab that can fill up a big room. It features our signature concentric suspended dome tweeter and it was conceived as the perfect cab for studio work and smaller gigs, it’s also perfect to use with a double bass and it’s easy to carry weighting only 11Kg.

Switch on the tweeter for an hi-fi sound or use the woofers alone for a more old school tone, either way you can pickup the full sound of the cab placing one mic in front of it. The custom ceramic-equipped woofer has an exceptional upper range frequency response, up to 5kHz so it can be used alone without the big hole in the mids of many other commercial available cabs.

The 110 Venere can be placed vertically or horizontally, with rubber feet on both sides and can be perfectly stacked with a 210 Venere, having the same footprint.

The 110 Venere is a 16 Ohm cab so you can use your high-powered head without fear of feeding too much watts into such a small cab, or you can use old Tube heads too.
This allows you to have more stacking options.

  • 1x10" custom ceramic woofers
  • signature concentric suspended dome tweeter
  • only 11Kg / 24.25 lbs - 150W @16 Ohm - 121dB (max SPL)
  • the perfect cab for studio work and smaller gigs, useable also with double bass
  • can be placed vertically or horizontally
  • perfectly stackable with the other Venere cabs

Additional information

Weight19 kg
Dimensions33 × 40 × 41 cm

11 Kg

Power Rating

150 W


16 Ohm

Sensitivity @1W,1m

97 dB

Max dB SPL

121 dB


1×10" custom ceramic woofer


1,1" dome tweeter