Edison (DC converter)


Stabilized voltage converter for pedal effects, selectable output voltage from 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 volts, with polarity inverter.

Compatible with all power supplies on the market, it eliminates hum or interference generated by a “bad power supply”.

Edison is a small power supply module that allows you to transform any DC voltage (from 9 to 30VDC with a central negative pole) into one of a different value, selectable from 9,12,15,18, and 24vdc; in addition to this you can also invert the polarity and thus obtain voltages with a central positive pole.
The selection of voltage and polarity takes place via two small buttons and is highlighted by the respective reference LEDs. Both buttons are slightly below the container, so you will need to use a pencil / pen or any other pointed object for editing.

Edison does not only deal with the transformation but is a real voltage cleaner: inside there is a circuit that corrects, stabilizes and refines the output voltage, guaranteeing your pedals an always perfect power supply.

The module can deliver up to 1500 mA of current, but this range will depend on the power of your input supply: for example, if we use an input power supply with 500mA @ 9vdc and we want to obtain 18vdc, we’ll have an output

0,5A x 9vdc = 4,5 Watt

4,5Watt / 18vdc = 0,25A results in 250mA @ 18vdc

  • voltage converter for pedal effects
  • can deliver up to 1500mA @ 9VDC
  • output voltages: 9/12/15/18/24 VDC
  • reversible polarity
  • 9-36 VDC input power supply
  • powers up as per the last setting
  • minimum size and weight
  • total absence of magnetic audible fields
  • short circuit protection

Additional information

Weight0.16 kg
Dimensions6.8 × 4.5 × 3.5 cm

9-30 VDC


9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 18VDC, 24VDC


center negative, invertible