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FULLY ANALOG transistor power amp that delivers 700W @ 4Ohm and 1400W @ 2 Ohm in just 3.3 Kg. Balanced / unbalanced input, VOLUME, MASTER, D.I. with transformer and 2 speakon combo outputs for speakers.

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CODA, the first milestone that simultaneously marks the beginning and the end of the development of the bass series. We are talking about an entirely analog transistor amplifier capable of delivering a lot of power in ridiculous dimensions and weight: the data speak for themselves, 700Watt @ 4ohm / 1400Watt @ 2ohm in just 3.3 Kg.

Thanks to the high-performance proprietary switching power supply, massive dissipation and dynamic forced ventilation, the CODA is the lightest, most powerful and compact power amp in the world, despite being completely analogue; what results is a sonic presence never heard before, characterized by speed, impact and pressure, which emphasizes the definition of notes.

The Coda is enriched by a "simple" class A solid-state preamp section, with an ultra-linear response, with its VOLUME, a double speaker output with speakon-combo connectors and a D.I. with transformer inspired by the most famous ones used in recording studios.

The operation of the machine is manned by various protections and tricks, first of all the forced ventilation channel, of vital importance for a safe use of the final. The switching on / off of the fans is managed internally and it follows the trend of the signal, as well as the temperature: it will happen very often that you don't even see them start (especially when playing at home or recording in the studio), to realize only at the end of the session that they are switched on and that you have not even noticed it.

  • FULLY ANALOG transistor power amp
  • power 700W @ 4Ohm and 1400W @ 2 Ohm
  • balanced / unbalanced input with 200KOhm impedance
  • VOLUME, MASTER and D.I. regulations
  • D.I. with transformer and gnd lift
  • 2 Speakon-combo speaker outputs
  • intelligent forced ventilation that follows the trend of the signal
  • led monitoring for a continuous check of the state of health
  • 220 or 110 VAC power supply on request

Additional information

Weight3.3 kg
Dimensions25.5 × 30 × 6.6 cm

100-110VAC on request, 220-240VAC

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