Bass 210


Ceramic magnet bass guitar cabinet with very fast, firm and clean response with great emphasis on the mid frequencies.

This line of cabs has a full and perfectly balanced sound suitable for all musical context, that outclasses the L series the most in pick-style applications and overdrive/saturation sound reproduction. Old school sound with modern performances.

2 10″ woofers and high-quality compression driver with L-pad.

Hand-build one-by-one in Italy.

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Jad Freer Audio line of bass cabs aim to be the most compact and lightweight possible without sacrificing their sound performance and efficacy in the mix.

A special mixture of top-grade poplar and baltic birch ply along with finely-tuned porting and internal bracing, allows these cabs to guarantee great punch, dynamics and intelligibility of the notes throughout the entire range of the instrument, reproducing full and controlled sounds with the fundamental always on focus, long range projection and great off-axis response.

Our special bass reflex design allows all the unnecessary sub frequencies to be mechanically removed, increasing your amp’s headroom, damping factor and dynamic range while significantly reducing risk of damages to the speakers and power amp failures.

Searching the right speaker for our cabinets have been a demanding quest. After years of experience and tests with basically everything that is available on the market, we are happy to have chosen what is the holy grail woofer for us, from their sonic character and frequency response, to under stress endurance and sensitivity and projection.

A high quality tuneable compression driver extends the treble response in a very effective and musical way, never becoming hash or unpleasant.

The attention for each of these details makes Jad Freer Audio cabs a speaker that is built to last and capable of shaking the bigger stages despite its small footprint.


The standard bass series use traditional ceramic magnet with very fast, firm and clean response with great emphasis on the mid frequencies, crucial to cut through a dense band mix. This line of cabs has a full and perfectly balanced sound suitable for all musical context, that outclasses the L series the most in pick-style applications and overdrive/saturation sound reproduction. Old school sound with modern performances.

The 210 is a compact format that gives great tonal performance even used stand alone in really loud musical context. The sound is full and even more fast and present in the midrange than the 12″ cabs, with enough sound pressure for most musical situation. A pair of these cabs with our CODA power amp running at 2 Ohms will be capable of a really intense sound pressure with no effort: a perfect setup to shake the bigger stage without any tonal compromise and lots of focus and dynamics on tap.

  • 2 10" woofers and high-quality compression driver with L-pad control
  • power handling 316W @ 4ohm, sensitivity 99 dB @1w, 1m
  • special bass reflex tuning and design that mechanically remove useless sub frequencies
  • selected baltic birth and poplar plywood mixture for weight saving without tonal and stability compromises
  • metal grid iron, calendered
  • embossed painting

Additional information

Dimensions53 × 33 × 65 cm
Net Weight

18 Kg, without box


4 Ohm

Power Rating

316W / 632W peak

Sensitivity @1W,1m

99 dB


2×10" woofer

Speaker Type



1" compression driver