Custom Works

For a long time now, our name has often been accompanied by the word custom, yes because “custom” is one of our most renowned services.
From the simplest re-housing to the construction of pedalboards, from modifications on old and heavy power supplies, up to the most complex requests of instruments that do not yet exist, but which would be needed …
Our prerogative is to deal with every request, whatever it may be, as if it were our project, in order to always ensure a professional and lasting result; also thanks to selected suppliers, specialized in samples creation.

Here below are some of the latest CUSTOM WORKS made; for more images visit our GALLERY.

18-inch IP65 subwoofer built on customer specifications

Decoupler plus splitter with transformers for digital pedalboards

Multi-power supply / decoupler for systems that include both 110VAC and 220VAC machines

Faithful clone of the famous EH Clone Theory based on the BBD SAD1024

Faithful replicas of Vince Pàstano’s SUNN Beta Lead preamp

Double bass amplifier based on 3 independent channels, phase controls and effects loop

Re-housing of the Ibanez Airplane Flanger plus custom graphics and push button JET control

Voice looper with volume management of the various sends between 2 H9 + LIVE possibility to put the signal in series or parallel



  • Design and construction of outboards and / or appliances on customer specifications
  • Custom power-supplies
  • Pedalboards assembly

Write us an email to find out if your project is feasible or to get more information about this service

Once the project has been defined, we will send you the document with the payment details. For this service it is necessary to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the total

Delivery terms will be evaluated for each project. Any changes during construction will cause an extension of the delivery time