About us

Mauro Freddi

Ceo & Founder
General Manager

Giada Pezzi

General Manager

JAD FREER AUDIO was founded in 2008 in the province of Brescia (Italy) by Mauro and Giada with the aim of creating an artisan brand able to offer unique boutique musical products at an affordable price.
Mauro, Electronic Expert born in 1985, is a craftsman with an immense passion for audio and electronics; his broad background and his tireless research make him a precise and meticulous designer, characteristics that are reflected in all JF Audio products. Giada, on the other hand, his trusty sidekick also in life, manages the mechanical and graphic part of the instruments, building solid boxes around Mauro’s ideas.
Their synergy is a winning weapon and this has allowed the company to develop and build successful products, characterized by a strong engineering connotation and a very high quality level. They first started out as pedal effects builders, but their success really came with the creation of tube guitar amps, followed by the modern FRFR cabs and the very recent series of amps and cabs for electric bass.
The extreme dynamism has also given the company a place of respect among the most popular developers of custom products, which are based entirely on the customer’s specifications – without any compromise – using the same energy and care as a serial product.

We are not a multinational company, we are only artisans who love their job and always try to give the best in what they do. Music is made up of emotions and our goal is to be able to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.

Nicoló Brattoli

Manufacturing &  Assembly Manager

Nik Mazzucconi

R&D Team & Beta Tester

Mattia Scarabottolo

R&B Team & Tech Support

Andrea Lombardini

R&D Team & Artist Relation Manager

Giulia Baldissera

Social Media Manager