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what they say about us

Kevin Scott
{The Jad Freer Audio CAPO continues to blow my mind every time I use it. The EQ diversity and true saturation is unmatched with any bass DI/Pre I have ever played through. They have figured out a way to get everything you could ask for in one unit. For the bass player that has to play in multiple genres for gigs and sessions, there is nothing better. From Motown to metal, the Jad Freer Audio CAPO has got you covered{
Sean Hurley
{I'm in love with the Capo! As a straight DI it is fabulous. It has a tube like warmth and an extremely balanced sound. With the drive side and all the options there, it's a complete game changer. Insane tones and flexibility. This is a must have as a DI and drive pedal all in one!{
Rob Mullarkey
{The Capo is currently the final stop on my pedalboard for Jacob Collier. It's like a mastering engineer for my bass tones, adding some harmonic richness and some beautiful EQ. I can step on a boost for featured moments and the pristine XLR means no need for DI boxes{
Rocco Palladino
{The Capo works great for me on the road and in the studio. From warm old school sounding saturation to modern tones to a great clean DI, it's got it all covered{
Pino Saracini
{I seldom use an amplifier so the preamp/DI becomes the most important tool for sound management, the CAPO ensures me quality and versatility both live and in the recording studio{
Tim Lefebvre
{Jad Freer products are a revelation! So well made, so good sounding. The Capo is a permanent studio go to for me and I never leave home without the Domino power supply. It’s super quiet{
Logan Kane
{The Jad Freer capo is the best pedal of it's kind I've ever heard, and amazes me for being equally useful in upright and electric bass situations. As a working freelance bass player playing tons of different music I find it an essential tool for tone reinforcement and creative EQ shaping{
Lyle Workman
{I am loving the Capo!{
Mattia Scarabottolo
{I'm a gear freak and sound maniac, that's why i feel at home with Jad Freer Audio. Every single product is top notch, light years ahead of that i used to play before{
Nik Mazzucconi
{If you try any JF Audio product you will notice the difference and it will be really hard to go back{
Roman Klobe
{I want another one! {
Jason Newberry
{CAPO is versatile, reliable, and a great tool to shape useable tones both in the studio and on the road{
Chris Chaney
{Since I first plugged in the Capo I was blown away. Talk about versatility! This pedal is so useful and musical, it takes the place of two or even three pedals and delivers the highest sonic quality in just one......The Capo is already a classic!{
Andrea Lombardini
{Jad Freer Audio is the pinnacle of contemporary hand-made boutique amplification.{
Simon Francis
{The Capo has quickly found its way into my daily carry - happily at home as the centerpiece of a pedal board, or as a studio preamp/DI on all manner of sources. It has wonderfully rich and detailed sonic identity, as well as the flexibility to cover any conceivable creative context.{
mystery person
Shahzad Ismaily
{Oh my goodness this amp sounds AMAZING{
Joel Gottschalk
{CAPO's depth of tone and versatility have made it my staple 'can't leave the house without' DI/Preamp. It's also super stylish and well-built. If you're still searching for 'the one' - This is it! Also, Jad Freer's SISMA amp is also a total game changer. Best amp I've every played live. No hyperbole.{
The Persistent Savage
{The CAPO is wonderful. Since getting it, I've been struck by how versatile it is. Whenever I plug in, I'm compelled to change settings and explore something new, and it always sounds great{
Mitch Friedman
{For almost a decade now, my gigs have all been on in-ears, and amps have been replaced with great sounding DIs/preamps. I quickly learned that no pedal-pre could come anywhere close to the tone of my bigger, more expensive/fragile tube pres, until a friend recommended I try out the Capo. My mind was immediately blown and I haven't played a gig without it since I got it! With so much going on sonically, it's design is incredibly intuitive, and gives you the feeling that they really though of everything when they made this. It's incredibly versatile, but it's specialty is giving you that incredible tube/transformer saturation without a single tube in there! If you're doing gigs with in-ears, rock a pedalboard, or want the best sounding portable DI/preamp for both recording and live playing, this thing is it!!{
{CAPO is my favorite bass preamp pedal I've ever used. Super versatile and the saturation is next level!{
Dave Speranza
{The Capo allows me to get a consistently great sound every night. Whether amp-less and using IEMs, or dealing with backline amps of varying quality, I have the flexibility to get the sound I want in any room.{
Riccardo Di Vinci
{The right dimension of the bass sound! The CAPO is something I have been searching for many years and finally I’ve found it{